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48 Webb St
Narre Warren


Teach 2 Talk Speech Pathology is a private pediatric speech pathology practice located in Narre Warren founded by Irene Deanne Frangoulis. As a speech pathologist, Irene strives to make a positive difference in the lives of pre-school and school aged children with communication difficulties by providing a client focused service with clear goals and treatment plans.

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Teach2Talk Speech Pathology


Teach 2 Talk Speech Pathology

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Speech pathology Boorondara

Speech pathology Hawthorn

Speech pathology Hawthorn East

Speech pathology Camberwell

Speech pathology Malvern

Speech therapy South eastern suburbs

Speech therapy Narrewarren

Speech therapy Cranbourne

Speech therapy Berwick

Speech therapy Rowville

Speech therapy Pakenham

Speech therapy Boorondara

Speech therapy Hawthorn

Speech therapy Hawthorn East

Speech therapy Camberwell

Speech therapy Malvern


Irene Deanne Frangoulis is the founder of Teach 2 Talk Speech Pathology and a certified practicing speech pathologist with over 8 years experience. 

Irene completed a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Speech Pathology at Monash University and Latrobe University, respectively. Over the last 8 years, Irene has practiced in large non-for profit organisations, schools and reputable private practices. 

Throughout Irene’s career, she has developed a keen interest and focus in therapy for children with articulation and phonology disorders, language delay and disorders, auditory processing difficulties, fluency difficulties, autism spectrum disorder, pragmatic/social language delays and delayed play skills. Irene has also successfully delivered various literacy programs within a school setting.

Irene’s passion is working with pre-school and school aged children with communication difficulties.  She enjoys the challenges and rewards that each child brings. Overcoming communication difficulties can be challenging for clients and the ones closest to them. Irene adopts a multidisciplinary approach in treating clients whereby she works with teachers, psychologists and other health care professionals to achieve the best outcomes for her clients and their families.